Flutter for Enterprise | A Cleaner Approach [1/2]

The resources needed to develop a feature doesn’t surge significantly with respect to time in long run

Problem 1 : Responsiveness is not enough

Problem 2 : Business logic needs to be composable

Solution : Adopting Domain Driven Design


Clean Architecture
Domain Layer

“We want to post user information when user presses a submit button”

Solution to “Responsiveness is not enough”

Three different presentation layer for each separations.
Different presentation layer for all available platforms.

Solution to “Business logic needs to be composable”

“For mobile, breakdown the process into two step on separate screens while on web implement it as a single process on single screen.”

Flow for Mobile Platform
Flow for Non-Mobile Platform
UML class diagram for use-case types as per the requirement specs (1)

“The billing and shipping address information needs to be identical.”

UML class diagram for use-case types as per the requirement specs (2)




Software Engineer from Kathmandu

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Preyea Regmi

Preyea Regmi

Software Engineer from Kathmandu

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